Dove siamo

Yeşilköy > Atatürk Airport (Taxi) 5Km 5Min
Yeşilköy > Taksim (City Bus) 18Km 20Min~
Yeşilköy > Taksim .(City Bus) 18Km 60Min~
Yeşilköy > Eminönü (City Bus) 17Km 40Min~
Yeşilköy > Sirkeci (Treno) 16Km 40Min~
Yeşilköy > Halkalı (Treno) 10Km 20Min~
Yeşilköy>Bakırköy İDO(Citybus)(Kadıköy-Bostancı)7Km 10Min~


Aeroporto internazionale Atatürk 5Km 5Min
CNR (World Trade Center) 4Km 5Min~
Centro fieristico e congressi Tüyap 15Km 20Min~
Bakırköy Shopping Center5Km 15Min~
Moschea Blu, Santa Sofia, Grand Bazar, Cisterna sommersa, etc 15Km 25Min~
International Hospital1Km 5Min~
Accademia Aeronautica 2Km 10Min~
Museo Aeronautico<1Km 5Min~
Bus Terminal(Esenler)<15Km 20Min~
Kuyumcu Kent<7Km15Dk~

Rooms & Prices

Rooms are for 1-2-3 and 4 people and consist of single and double beds. Rooms include telephone, Internet wireless, TV (Cablecast), central heating, and air conditionıng. Click here for more information.

Our History

In those good old days, Yeşilköy, which was known as San Stephano, was a summer resort. Today it is an area which ıs greener and more comfortable than the other...


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